Registration FAQs

Who can register with ODC?

Any diamond trading company or individual is welcome to register to become a customer of ODC.

Who needs to register?

Any person or entity who wants to participate in an Auction (including the viewing of ODC’s production) must apply to become a Customer of ODC. An Applicant must first register with us by completing the registration form and providing ODC with all the documentation requested. All registration information provided to ODC shall be current, complete and accurate. Under no circumstances shall a Customer be entitled to participate in an Auction on behalf of an entity that is not a registered ODC Customer (to include, but not be limited to, financing of purchases by third parties).

How do I register?

By completing the ODC registration form and submitting the requested supporting documents. The registration form and supporting documentation will be subject to a “Know Your Customer” screening process. Any Applicant deemed by ODC, in its absolute discretion, to have successfully completed the above registration process shall become a Customer.

Where do I get the registration form from?

Please download the form from the following link Registration Form & Requirements.

What documents am I required to submit?

Please download Appendix A which details the country specific list of required supporting documentation from the following link Registration Form & Requirements.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that ODC may request further information at its sole discretion.